I think there was more garlic than I thought in the dinner ...

Little Italian Man

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I contribute to your website?
If you are interested in contributing please contact me via email at litteitalianmanmd@gmail.com

When you will be visiting a town near me?
The trigger point for my world tour is acquiring 100 followers on my Instagram. Once I cross this threshold send me your address and I’ll visit you.

How can I obtain an 8 x 10 inch signed glossy photograph of you?
I thought you might want one. I’ve got a tall stack of them ready to ship out. Contact me via email at litteitalianmanmd@gmail.com

Can I hire you to read excerpts from the Scientific Journal of Science at my 5-year-old’s birthday party?
Who needs a birthday clown when you have the Little Italian Man. I charge by the minute. Contact me for a discounted rate.

For questions, comments, suggestions, feedback or ideas please contact me at litteitalianmanmd@gmail.com

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