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Inspired by E.L.C.
In 1997, John Denver, one of my favorite singer-songwriters, died tragically when the small hobby aircraft he was piloting crashed. I understand that the largest body part they recovered was his torso, and, to date, they have yet to find his head. With this in mind, please enjoy the following chart contrasting my favorite pastime to that of John Denver’s:

My Favorite Pastime

John Denver’s Favorite Pastime

1. Easy to start.

1. Requires extensive training.

2. Each coin has been on a unique journey through time.

2. Even with extensive training, some accidents are unavoidable.

3. Collecting old coins is a unique way to learn history.

3. If the engine stops you crash and die.

4. You can often find interesting coins in general circulation. It’s as easy as looking through your pocket change.

4. The plane is traveling so fast that when you crash your body will fragment into multiple pieces.

5. Proof sets and commemorative coins make for great gifts for many occasions.

5. Even if you survive the crash, you will wish you hadn’t. Your crippled and broken body will be bedridden and you will eventually die anyway.

6. Coins come in all shapes and sizes. Some even have holes in the center!

6. Has been associated with decapitation.

7. Almost never associated with decapitation.

7. If your head is removed, it may not be found.

8. Coins made of rare metals often increase in value over time.

8. His head! They couldn’t find his fucking head!!

A few disembodied heads but nary a detached torso in the whole lot.
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